Sunday, July 27, 2014


If you're in Japan in the summer and you feel like there's nothing much to do because a. no cherry blossoms to adore b. the sight of Mt. Fuji is on vacation, you should think again. This country has so many ways to entertain you and never lose it's charm even if it's scorching hot and humid outside. 

The usual Japanese lanterns at night, still so beautiful!

We stayed elevated on a second floor of a hotel so we can take a nice shot of the fireworks. 

I totally abhor crowded places but anything in Japan is always an exemption. 

Our seat mates for this waiting game. 

Almost everyone were dolled up in their yukata (summer kimono). I.. was jealous. 

This is just a small portion of all the people who went there on that day. It was crazy crowded so there were lots of policemen going around to control the cars and people as well.

Say hello to the people of Japan

There were Japanese street food sellers. One of the best part of a Japanese summer festival since you get to eat all okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, yakitori, kakigori (among many others) that you want. 

There were plenty of parades but we only saw this!

Missing children and kids who were afraid to be away from their family.

Organizers and people who were guarding the parade are also in full (or I must say half) costume. Just recheck the photo before this to see what are they wearing for their bottoms.

Thomas kiddy yukata. WANT!

The usual yukata for teens, lots of flowers and ribbons!

"Hmm, what should I get?" says this lady.


Drinks and nama beer!


Underdressed kakigori seller (well I can't judge her, I feel like dying with the heat on that day)


And more toys

I love Japanese kids!

Nom! Bananas covered in chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate.

Yukata and crocs! Hahaha I love Japan, you can getaway wearing anything!

We were walking towards Numazu port for the fireworks!

Costume number 1

The only cosplayer I saw that day. Coolio!

Old style architecture fascinates me.

Bumper to bumper

The view from the station

Turquoise splash


My favourite shot

From July-August, there are on going fireworks festival all over Japan. It's mostly free but in some cities, you have to pay to have a good seat. Before the main event, you can see people dressed up in yukata. Or teenagers roaming around waiting for their suki na hito (crushes). I hope somehow thru these photos, you've experienced the fun of a Japanese summer festival. There's more on the following weeks that I hope I get to attend too.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Emika and Kaila had been my Rilakkuma trip buddies since the first time we've met as a group. We've dropped by at Kiddyland and took lots of photos with Rilakkuma and Emika (official model of You'll see her face in most of the photos and Rilakkaila of course as she is Rilakkuma's number 1 fan among the three of us! You should see her collection

Rilakkuma walking along Akihabara randomnly is a natural occurrence in Tokyo.

Rilakkuma, rilakkuma and more rilakkuma!!

Selfie, selfie, it's time to selfie with rilakkuma.. 

I could make use of all of these. AHHH~ kawaii overload!

Big time Rilakkuma collaborating with the world famous Yamanote line.

Stickers, phone case, key chains, phone straps- buy it all! Go to Kiddyland harajuku nao!

I wanna buy it all tbh!

Kawaii, kawaii Emika-chan!

Now going to Tower Records x Rilakkuma pop-up café. It has been running from 11th of July until 25th of August. Don't miss your chance to eat all the Rilakkumas if you cannot buy all the Rilakkumas!

For more info, click here. It's written in Japanese though. 

Rilakkuma caramel mousse - if you like gentle taste and not so sweet. It's mostly mousse and chiffon as base. 


We've also tried Rilakkuma Irish milk coffee which tasted like caramel pudding.


Rilakkuma curry composed of vegetables, (Japanese) curry and yellow omelette as cushion - definitely recommended!


Rilakkaila x Rilakkuma

What I haven't tried is Rilakkuma apricot baked cheese cake (which is also on the 4/4 Rilakkuma menu)


Go to Shibuya now and follow the crowd going to a yellow building called "Tower Records".

Monday, July 21, 2014


Kaila, Emika, Elleanor and I met up at Harajuku for the making of kawaii campaign. It was both exciting and overwhelming to be a part of such cause since it's really close to my heart. Everywhere in the world, I seem to notice that the current norm is not to be nice but "to appear as interesting" in order to get attention. Youth and adults alike are greedy with power, popularity and money. Sorry to start this post with a very tragic introduction but that is the truth. And it breaks my heart. Sometimes, I also get confused if is it right to get offended when people openly show their lack of manners. Or maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. There's a thin line between being good and being bad. And we have to figure that out to know our limits.

 Okay, enough of the ugly truth and let's start building a happy world with kawaii! Everyone could be "kawaii" and all of your dreams are possible. That, you should keep in mind. 

For Emika: "Kawaii is anything that make you smile."

For me: "Kawaii is happiness, friendship and dreams coming true."

What does kawaii mean to you? We are inviting all kawaii girls / fans around the world to participate in our worldwide kawaii campaign! Here in the Kawaii Philippines community, we believe that “kawaii” isn’t just an expression nor a trend. It is a lifestyle – an appreciation for all things cute and also a way of looking at the world in a positive light. Moreover, it can also become a powerful medium to make a positive difference here in the world. Through kawaii, we can spread this cheerful virus to make others happy! Join our worldwide kawaii campaign here.

As I've said on my previous post: Kawaii, for me, is a powerful movement. It started as a word to refer something as cute, pretty or pleasing to the eyes. Recent events proved me there's more to that, kawaii could also be a way of saying "what a dream", "happiness" and "friendship." How about you? What is kawaii for you? 

Everything you do has a ripple effect in the universe. Make sure to spread positive kawaii vibes. And see the wonders of it in the future. I'm so happy to share kawaii campaign to all of you for it's not only a hype or a trend but it is a heartfelt cause. Kawaii opened up so much opportunities to me. Things that are far beyond my imagination such as being able to work with brands I personally love, to be close to people that inspire me to become a better person, to travel (one of my most favourite things to do) and to inspire others who want to reach their dreams. 

Being an outsider in Harajuku, I saw how they help each other to build their own and I've realized I wanted to do that to. I wanted to bridge the gap between people who haven't met the right people they wanted to work with but I can't do that alone. I can't help people who acts like they can do it all by themselves and try to step on other people just to be able to reach their goals. At the same time, I can't help people who don't want to help themselves. So take my hand, let's do this kawaii dream..


Kawaii PH would like to thank the following people for participating~
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★ Elleanor -

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