Thursday, September 3, 2015


Currently in the streets of Tokyo, lots of young girls are spotted with jet black hair on the street style blog called "Droptokyo".  I've been hooked! And why not? Having your original hair colour is easier than maintaining a bleached / coloured hair. Here are some black hair style / cut inspiration for you

If you have long hair like Kurumi, twisting the top portion of your hair on both sides could be a nice change to your everyday look. A pair of cat-eyed shaped sunnies is a cute addition to her look! 

Wet hair, don't care. Yoona braved the crowd by having this kind of wet hair look. A little trivia, it's actually a taboo in Japan to go out without drying your hair. 

When you think, you can't do anything about your short hair except wishing them to grow faster. Kei showed us what a mousse can do! 

Short hair and bangs like Anna (similar to Anna Wintour's signature look) is always a good idea.

Well, there's nothing a hat can't do. Aki with her hair on pony tail accessorized with a taupe hat. This is my foolproof way against bad hair days.

Micari is donning a side swept bangs and short bob. So cute! If you're still not convinced in keeping your black hair, here are some kawaii bleached / coloured hair inspiration teaser (stay tuned on my next post):  

Sunday, August 30, 2015


I know this is a long overdue post but still I want to share with you my top things to do around Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

I've been very busy with other things for the past four months such as the Candy Kawaii Lover webstore which occupies 99% of my time, attending events, chores, sickness and deliberating about the direction of this blog. Yes, to be honest it has been a limbo whilst I was gone because as much as I want to maintain the uniqueness of this blog, I need to work too. So how do I maintain CKL's branding and everything else? Well, I've found a solution to that - dividing my personal instagram account and CKL's. You can add both at @ashleydy and @candykawaiilover btw. I'm really sorry about leaving this blog unattended but I'll try my best! From now on it'll be focusing on kawaii, lifestyle, and travel. Join me as I unravel the kawaii secrets of KL!

So lucky I found a Blythe exhibition at Kinokuniya Bookstore at KLCC mall. Gosh, I've been talking about Blythe dolls in this blog way too much- I don't even own one. But someday, someday. They're kind of creepy cute with their big eyes and adorable clothes. 

There were also some other events going on~

Without further ado, let me share my top places to go to around KLCC:

1. My number one on the list - Kinokuniya. Why? For book/manga/Japanese magazine lovers like me, Kinokuniya is HEAVEN. Please. Everything we need is here. If I have more time, I would reserve my whole day here.

2. Of course most travellers would place Petronas on the top of their list. To be fair, we went straight to Petronas from the airport just to glare at it's majestic night beauty. It was sparkling up close, so romantic!

3. Aquaria KLCC - because I'm a kid at heart. I know, I know there are a lot of issues regarding putting mammals/ sea creatures inside an aquarium but for people with phobias, it's a chance to see the world. Tickets are around Php4300/ $100.

4. SkyBar for the best view of Petronas!

5. Dinoscovery. This is the Song Triplet's fault especially Song Tyrano aka Minguk that I've been into dinosaurs. Gosh, those kids are the cutest! Tickets are around Php4300/ $100 as well.

6. Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL. See my full post about it here.

7. KLCC park for swimming, running, jogging and taking photos of your ootds.

Hope you like this post! Let me know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dolly Kaye Shoot BTS

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm trying my best to blog everyday as usual but the internet and my current routine wasn't allowing me to. I hope I can change this from today.

Thank you so much Chi Chi for this artwork, you can check her other works here. On this post, I'll share some behind the scenes photos from our Dolly Kaye shoot, a dreamy clothing line by one of my favourite person in THE WHOLE WORLD, Kaye. Our shoot was held at Kawaii PH office aka Kaila's turf so you'll see some bits of her here, too. It was my first time to meet our Larme Boy, Yool, our photographer for that day.. and I'm always with Mica, Chai and Wynona on Kawaii Ph events thus we were bonded so much. We were also with the lovely couple, Chi Chi and Francis (who discovered the best burger in town, Barney's)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Before my dslr got broken, Anne Kate, Kiko and I went to Pinto Museum in Antipolo for a day trip. Everything was so photogenic and surreal to me, it took me back to the memories of Naoshima. I kind of wish I live closer to this place - a breath of fresh air from Manila. 


I've been in Manila for two months now and I was in the lookout for a salon that would be perfect for me. Last Monday, Tricia introduced me to Piandre BGC to try their Keratin Complex treatment for the first time. The senior stylist told me that it's suitable for my hair since it became really frizzy (proof: the photo above). I'm going to share the whole story on this post so.. you have to read more! 

Hair and Photo by Anne Pinero